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At Alabaster Wellness Clinic we coach and mentor individuals who have suffered abuse or who have, by their own admission, demonstrated coping skill deficiencies and/or inferiority issues. Talk therapy is an important method used psychosocially to assist with mental wellness. We use a gentle and supportive approach by integrating talk therapy as a means to reveal what may be unconsciously suppressed within the mind and body of the individual.

Our intent is to address all aspects of the client’s life to ensure that a holistic approach can be taken, in order to unlock complete measures of healing.

We apply a hands on approach and address; in both our male and female clients, areas such as personal grooming, body posture, positive self talk, incorporating life affirmations and goal setting. We encourage positive family interactions and we aim to get our clients motivated to face each day with strength, fortitude and a zest for life. Our talk therapy and integrative wellness sessions facilitate the individual’s complete wellness, and have been proven to motivate and strengthen individuals, couples, and more specifically women who suffer unresolved trauma from abuse.

Under normal circumstances, the body fights to maintain its optimal health. However, when factors such as unaddressed mental health issues, malabsorption, and a vulnerable immune system are introduced, the body is required to work even harder to combat symptoms that have developed from various forms of stress.

The clinic uses a special approach by using a hair mineral analysis to identify mineral deficiencies taking place in the body that have been presented through the hair. While, a hair mineral analysis is not mandatory, it is recommended as the means to identify possible causation that may be influencing biochemical behaviours. A hair mineral analysis is not used in isolation to arrive at a full diagnosis, but it is an important initial step in the process. It has the ability to identify the past, the present, and the foreseen future of symptomology associated with various diseases and disorders.

We use homeopathic treatment through the interconnection of energy medicine, trichology: hair and scalp and their disorders, along with the use of talk therapy to create a specialized treatment plan for clients. This blend of treatment identifies causation and creates a synergy of wellness that harmonizes functionality in the body.


Since distinct symptoms are experienced according to what the body may be lacking; the body’s natural ability to heal itself occurs once minerals in the body achieve their precise and desired natural charge.

Minerals form an essential part of the body's structure. Due to the biological changes we experience, it is necessary to use minerals to heal the body so it can function in optimal health and awaken a more improved quality of life, from within.


  • Identifies stress-related cause/s and the origin of mental illness and trauma
  • Harmonizes the nervous system by bringing it into alignment with cognitive responses
  • Helps to regulate the body’s response to stress
  • Assesses how the body responds to stress

We offer the following therapies:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Sex Talk Therapy
  • Grief Counseling
  • Trauma