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Trichology is the scientific study of hair, the scalp and their disorders, such as Alopecia, Psoriasis, Follilculitis, flakiness, itchiness, premature grey hair, dry hair, and premature breakage.

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Our¬†counselling wellness session is the psychological strength that breaks-down and breaks-into one’s mind, facilitating the individual’s complete wellness.

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Naturopathy wellness is wellness beyond medicine. It is a naturistic approach that is collected from the essence in the earth’s dwelling and fuses in the human system to enhance and maintain vitality.

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Our Products

These beauty ointments’ active ingredients are designed, to penetrate into the stratum layers of the skin as a medicinal source to maintain longevity or prevent occurring ailments.

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Product innovations. Creating products that give clients an unbeatable experience.


Ms. Wong, Ph.D., Dr. Tri, I.G.M has over the years accumulated valuable expert knowledge in Trichology,  Counselling and Naturopathy wellness


Achieving sustainable results for our patients and all aspects of performance.

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