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Our counselling wellness sessions are the counselling strength that breaks down and into one’s mind; facilitating the individual’s complete wellness to motivate and strengthen individuals, couples and more specifically abused woman. Here at Alabaster Wellness Clinic we coach and mentor individuals who have suffered abuse or have coping skill deficiencies and or inferiority issues by offering a hand on approach to personal grooming, body posture, awakening the life within self, female issues and positive family interaction we aim to get our clients motivated to face each day with strength, fortitude and a zest for life that is second to none.

  • Minerals analysis can identify stress relating cause/s as to the origin of mental illness
  • Help to regulate stress
  • Harmonize the nervous system in response to cognitive ability
  • How the body response to stress


We offer the following therapies:
• Nutritional Therapy
• Depression
• Marriage, Family, Single
• Mineral Analysis
• Sex Therapy
• Addiction
• Behavior Therapy