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What is Trichology

Trichology is the scientific study of hair, the scalp and their disorders, such as Alopecia, Psoriasis, Follilculitis, flakiness, itchiness, premature grey hair, dry hair, and premature breakage. Our well trained staff uses proven and innovative techniques to overcome these conditions for our clients. From a hair mineral analysis we are able to analyze the body’s systematic function. A hair mineral analysis provides an in-depth study on weight balance, body burden, hair disorders, hormone imbalance, and toxic levels within your body system. As a result, these ailments can be cured or controlled beyond their symptoms. It is Alabaster’s goal to forge a partnership with our clients so that we provide on-going advice and continued service to ensure that their scalp condition does not reoccur.

Identity cause to the auto immune system that result to hair and scalp and their disorders
Help to regulate nutrient and oxygen to the hair and scalp cells for regeneration of growth