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by: Dr. Nadine Wong

“The margin of health and cosmetic is the beginning to longevity”…Dr. Nadine Wong These beauty ointments’ active ingredients are designed, to penetrate into the stratum layers of the skin as a medicinal source to maintain longevity or prevent occurring ailments.

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Broccoli Body Butter

Broccoli Body Butter:

Apply Broccoli Body Butter to hair, scalp, and body to experience hydration. Broccoli body butter contains the active ingredients; Beta Carotene, Vitamin A, E, B5, Omega- 3-Fatty Acids, Zinc, Sulfur, Silica. They stimulate collagen within the stratum layers of the skin cells without clogging the pores.
Health benefits are: It inhibits Dihydrotesterone (DHT), the cause of hair loss and thinning of hair.
It improves auto immune system function. It strengthens hair cells that result in shinny hair and supple skin.
Ingredients: Broccoli Seed, Essential Oils. NO: preservatives or synthetic fragrance. Keep cool

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Pumpkin Body Butter:

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Apply Pumpkin Body Butter to experience increased body circulation. Pumpkin Body Butter contains zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins E, A, biotin, and sulfur. Cayenne Pepper, the active ingredient, provides anti-inflammatory benefits. The anti-allergen, anti-irritant properties in the vitamin B6, A and beta carotene increase oxygen flow to areas where there poor blood circulation.
Health benefits are: Increased blood circulation, reduces cellulite, swollen feet, joint aches, and thinning hair.
Ingredients: Pumpkin seed, cayenne pepper, aloe vera, and essential oils
NO: preservatives or synthetic fragrance. Keep in cool temperature. Avoid contact with eyes


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Onion Itch-Away:

Apply Onion Itch-A-way to experience skin and scalp relief, shine and restoration to thinning hair. Onion Itch-A-way contains high sulfur, vitamin B, to revitalize dull and thinning hair, itchy and flaky scalp, and skin irritation.
Health benefits are: An anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties that prevent infection and thicken hair cells.
Ingredients: Onion extracts, and essential fibre.
NO: preservatives or synthetic fragrance. Keep in cool temperature. Avoid contact with eyes

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Sugar Cane Butter

Cane Sugar Scrub:

Apply Cane Sugar Scrub to experience smooth skin. Cane sugar scrub contains glycolic acid and alpha-hydroxyl acid that are crucial for maintaining healthy skin. The cane sugar scrub restores, unclogs pores, and exfoliates skin.
Health benefits are: Stimulation of sebum to moisturize and detox skin
Ingredients: cane sugar, Dead Sea salt, essential herbs.
NO: preservatives or synthetic fragrance. Keep in cool temperature
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Oat Facial Cleanser:

Oat Facial Cleanser to experience gentle cleanse. Oat facial cleanser delivers vitamin E to the face.
Health benefits are: Hydration to dry skin, reduce acne scars, rejunivates dull skin, and improve collagen
Ingredients: Oat extract, honey, and essential herbs.
NO: preservatives or synthetic fragrance. Keep in cool temperature

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Rosewater Skin Toner:

Rosewater Skin Toner maintains skin pH balance, fight dermatitis, heal wounds, strengthen skin cells, and reduce dark spots, circles and puffiness around eyes.
Health benefits are: Vitamin E penetrates through stratum layers of the skin resulting in calmness of mind.
Ingredients: Ingredients: cool press rose petals, roots botanical.
NO: preservative and synthetic fragrance. Keep in cool atmosphere


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Hair Restore Serum:

Hair Restore Serum will improve hair growth by reducing shedding phase and increasing growing phases, to hair thinning, and alopecia (baldness) area.
Health Benefits are: Plant derived minerals stabilises cells pH for regeneration to hair cells.


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Coffee Sugar Scrub:

Coffee scrub penetrates vitamin K to rejuvenate healthy skin. The coffee scrub reduces dark spot, cellulite, body odour, and tightens skin. Apply to experience energy and exfoliation.
Health benefits are: Reduce diseases of cirrhosis of liver, colon and skin cancer, and stroke, also stimulation of sebum to moisture and detox skin
Ingredients: coffee ground, raw sugar, dead sea salt.


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Coconut Water Hair Mist:

Coconut Water Hair Mist apply to experience hydration to hair and scalp. Coconut Water Hair Mist penetrates vitamin B, improve dull hair, and cool scalp of fever and hot flash.
Health benefits are: Balance electrolyte through stratum layers of skin, and refresh limp hair.
Ingredients: coconut water, and essential herbs.
NO: preservative and synthetic fragrance. Keep in cool atmosphere