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Ms. Nadine Wong, Ph.D., Dr. Tri, I.G.M, is the C.E.O of the Alabaster Wellness Clinic. Wong is an immigrant from Jamaica, who has called Canada home for over 30 years. She is a Wellness Practitioner who specializes in Hair Mineral Analysis as the means to determine possible causation of autoimmune diseases, mental health, and hair and scalp disorders.

Alabaster Wellness Clinic offers services in natural medicine, through non-allopathic methods stemming from individual hair mineral analysis results. The mineral analysis identifies deficiencies within the body and the results are paired with nutritional minerals and cognitive behavioral therapy to provide treatment in order to obtain complete wellness of the mind, body, and behaviours, proving that the body has the ability to heal itself.

Ms. Wong is a board-certified member of the American Drugless Association. She holds a Ph.D. in Trichology, the scientific study of hair and scalp and their disorders, Ph.D. in Cosmetology, Ph.D. in Clinical Therapy with a specialty in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Integrative Medicine, and she also holds a Doctorate in Biblical Psychology.

Ms. Wong is a Board Member of the following organizations: The World Organization of Natural Medicine (, The Board of Integrative Medicine (, The Board of Natural Medicine (, and The American Association for Clinical Chemistry (


Ms. Wong is the creator of Alabaster Beauty Medicinal Ointment Cosmetic Products. The products are certified 100% Vegan with VegeCert. She has created products such as Pumpkin Body Butter, Broccoli Body Butter and Coffee Body Scrub. The Pumpkin and Broccoli Body Butters can be used on both the hair and skin. They help to increase circulation, assist with hair growth, reduce hair shedding and can add moisture to dry hair and under nourished skin. The Coffee Body Scrub detoxes the skin, reduces cellulite and helps to reduce blemishes by evening the skin tone.


Ms. Wong is also the author of a number of books including: “What If Your Hair Could Speak, What Would it Say?", “Sex, Let's talk about Sex in a Christian Bed”, and is currently working on the third book, “Sex, Let talk about Sex in a Christian Bed 2”. Her fourth book “Do Not Mix Faith with Foolishness, One Causation to Healing” is awaiting publication. She is also the host of the talk show “The Now”.


In 2019 she was presented with the International Women Achievers of Distinction Award. She was also  the recipient of The Harry Jerome Health Science Award (2013), the Trichology Achievement Award (2003), Trichology Student of the Year (2002) and Trichology Pioneer Award (2001). She also functioned as a guest Health advisor contributor on G98.7 FM, Kool 97 FM, and (CKFG).

In 2010 Ms. Wong founded the Alabaster Gate Children’s Charity on the mission to educate children beyond their limitations and to develop their life skills. Through an International Education Program, the charity’s initiative offers a global experience to students around the world using a social study curriculum, bursary programs that are awarded to the most improved and highest achieving girls and boys, and to establish community breakfast programs to various schools. The charity is established to create solutions that will assist in educating children beyond their limitations.

In addition to her wellness practice and philanthropy work, Ms. Wong is a sought after Motivational Speaker.

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up”, Jesse Jackson

Nadine Wong’s Mission statement: Minerals are the spark plugs to life!

Did you know if one mineral mimics or retards its function within the body’s systems this will produce a disease or disorder? Minerals are the spark plugs that charge the body’s biochemical processes (nutrition), electrolyte transmission (nerves), and structural integrity (bone and muscle).